Ventura County's Support-Local Program


  • There are so many wonderful things happening in Ventura County. I love the fact that Totally Local VC shines a spotlight on what makes our region so special. Hat’s off to Kat Merrick and her team for celebrating the uniqueness all around us.
    John Chamberlain
    Director of Marketing
  • We're very fortunate to have Totally Local VC as the conduit for bringing community awareness to all of the fine things our county has to offer. Not only are individuals united via Totally Local VC but local businesses that can benefit each other are united as well. Keeping it local! Totally VC is the glue that binds us all!!
    Michael Machuzak
  • Totally Local VC is one of the best organizations in the county. It's theme and mission are exactly what McGrath Family Farms is about. The promotion of local, special events and the Totally Local VC dinners really show off some of our agricultural community and some of most beautiful places in our region.
    Phil McGrath
  • Totally Local VC does a wonderful job connecting the community to their local food and farmers through all of their dinner series events. Kat Merrick is a great ambassador for the local farmers and her passion for promoting local shines through all of Totally Local VC.
    Monica Houweling
    Executive Assistant
  • You won't have a better meal or a better experience than at the Totally Local VC Dinner Series. They always offer their guests the best of locally produced food, locally prepared, hosted at an incomparable location. Add to that a bit of local history and the chance to make new friends; you cannot replicate this anywhere! It truly is a Bucket-List must. Thanks to Kat and the entire Totally Local VC Dinner At the... Dinner Series Crew. ❤
    Colleen McCall
    Local experience writer & former Ventura culinary business owner
  • As a farmer, I experience the magic of Ventura County agriculture every day. Partnering with Totally Local VC allows me to share that experience with my suburban neighbors and give them a deeper understanding of this special place. But it also has introduced me to many of the wonderful chefs, musicians, artists, brewers, and winemakers that call our county home.
    Chris Sayer
  • Over the past few years, we have had the opportunity to work with and watch Totally Local VC grow from an idea into a great organization that helps educate all of us in the value of buying and supporting local businesses in Ventura County.
    Chef Tim Kilcoyne
    Executive Chef
  • Only Totally Local VC can host an event where you are sitting down to a meal with the Farmer, Purveyor, Brewer, Winemaker, and Chef all one long impressive table. These special dinners are located in some of the most iconic settings in Ventura County which makes for an evening to remember. Your friends will view your pictures with envy. Thank you again Totally Local VC for introducing us to the community we have grown to love. We will never miss this event!
    Karen Stewart

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