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This year’s Ventura Music Week runs February 15-19. We hope you’ll step away from your screen and enjoy some quality time with our local musicians.

From poetic bohemian-styled coffeehouse sounds to surf-influenced beats on a warm sunny day, to the heart- pumping energy of a mosh pit at the Ventura Theater, to perhaps a few stories about the man in black, Ventura’s diverse musical history has always portrayed cultural and creative fellowship for aspiring musicians.

Whether reminiscing about local hangouts, witnessing the rise of up-and-comings and the legacy of the ones who have made it, all comprise snapshots in the incredible album that is Ventura’s music scene – anyone who’s taken in those snapshots knows Ventura has always been a music town, even as that music scene continues to evolve. Ranked 4th in the top ten music industry centers in the United States, Ventura County has long been not only a rising star for listeners but also a hub for the behind the scenes music industry as well, providing a home for off-the-beaten-path recording studios, and for big-name management companies; a home for a diverse array of festivals; a home for industry players large and small. In short, here is a music scene where there’s always something going on.

Ventura, Ojai, Oxnard and the surrounding county have long offered a haven for many famous music superstars like Dave Mason, Jack Johnson, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, The missing 23rd, Suicidal Tendencies… right down to Mr. Cash himself. With so much local talent all set in such a picturesque setting, there can be no doubt that Ventura is the ideal place to come, sit, listen and enjoy the sounds. Just take a walk down Main Street on any given day, and you can’t help but be drawn in by the local sounds.

This is Ventura. We’re a music town; always have been.

This year’s Ventura Music Week is February 15-19, 2012. For more information, check out the Ventura Music Week website and Facebook page.
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  1. Thank you to all our local musicians who share their talents with us here in Ventura County!

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