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Beer Destination: Camarillo

Follow Curtis Taylor (aka HopHeadSaid), our new Totally Local VC beer correspondent, as he takes you on a beer destination exploration in Camarillo.

Brendan's Pub

Brendan’s Pub

Hello new beer friend.  (Repeat back to me,)

My name is Curtis Taylor and I am the new beer correspondent for Totally Local VC. Before I get started with my first article, I would like to introduce myself. If you want to skip the “get to know me” part, scroll down to the fourth paragraph.

I have been a beer geek since 1992 when I tasted my first craft beer; a rich malty beer called Ringneck Red. That beer changed my world and taught me beer doesn’t have to taste like yellow fizzy water. Unfortunately, I was still a poor college student so I didn’t get to drink it that often. 17 years ago I started home brewing and that hobby has taught me the most about beer ingredients, styles and flavors.

The Beer Closet at The Wine Closet

The Beer Closet at The Wine Closet

In, 2009 I started writing about beer for my own blog and to date I have been featured in VCBuzz Magazine, OC Weekly, VC Star, and now Totally Local VC! In 2011, I became a Certified Cicerone®, the beer world’s sommelier. I am also a regular contributor to the Tom and Sandy Show as well as the co-host of my own show called Happy Hour with Joby and Curtis.

Ok, enough with introductions. It is time to get to get back on topic. This month, I will kick off my beer destination exploration with my hometown of Camarillo.  At first glance, it may not seem like there is much of a craft beer scene in Camarillo and while it doesn’t have any breweries, yet, there are plenty of places here to wet your craft beer whistle.

Beer Destination rules and regulations:

  1. This is not intended to be a comprehensive list. I do not have the time, money or a spare liver to investigate every craft beer establishment in each city. That said, I will certainly include my favorites and will try to include as many other establishments as I can.
  2. This is an interactive list.  If you know of or discover a new craft beer-centric establishment let us all know about it in the comments below, but make sure you leave an address (physical and/or virtual) so we can find it, too.
  3. Be polite and courteous with your comments about any establishment and any other comment. Tell us why you like or don’t like a place but do not attack another’s opinion. Violating this rule will get your post deleted.
  4. Each of the featured establishments below I have personally visited and have deemed that they have a “descent” supply of craft beer.  Descent is a totally arbitrary word that I will use throughout this series as a baseline for entry into my Beer Destination list. It can vary widely depending on establishment size and location and you may not agree with me at all.
  5. Tell ‘em we sent you. When you visit any of the establishments listed below, please let them know you read about ‘em here at Totally Local VC.


Camarillo Beer

OK. So, let’s begin our beer destination exploration in Camarillo.

Craft Beer Bars

A craft beer bar as an establishment that only serves alcohol and does not serve food.

  1. beer-darryls-couch

    Darryl’s Couch

    Darryl’s Couch is located right at the bottom of The Grade at 795 Camarillo Springs Road.  One of Camarillo’s newest establishments, Darryl’s Couch features 11, constantly rotating, craft beer taps and another 30+ craft beers in bottle.  Darryl’s Couch doesn’t serve any food, so you will want to plan ahead, but it does feature free pool and darts and will always have the local games (e.g. baseball, basketball, hockey) on the big screens.


A craft beer retailer is an establishment that has a decent variety of beer for resale.

  1. The Beer Cave is located in the beverage cooler of the Village Commons Market at 231 Village Commons Boulevard; this is my go to place when I need a great selection of craft or imported beer. There are probably 100 different beers (canned, six packs, bombers and 750’s are all available) from all around the world and a really good selection of SoCal beers. The management really wants to make you happy, so if you don’t see the beer you are looking for, ask and ye shall receive (if it can be done).
  2. Best Buy Liquors is located across from the Camarillo Post Office at 2161 Pickwick Drive. They have a much smaller selection than The Beer Cave but they carry some interesting English and German imports that are hard to find anywhere else.
  3. BevMo is located at 135 West Ventura Boulevard, in the Target shopping area next door to Pier One. This is a “big box” liquor store so you are sure to find pretty good prices on beer.  The staff is very helpful and friendly and will assist you in any way they can. The only downside here is a Camarillo city ordinance that prohibits them from selling any 750ml sized bottles.


A gastropub is any restaurant that serves beer on tap or in a bottle and serves food.

  1. Brendan’s Irish Pub is located at 1755 E Daily Drive and is as a must if you are looking for a perfectly poured Guinness. Brendan’s Irish Pub also carries the several other UK favorites as well as the 805 favorite Firestone Walker. FW also brews a beer especially for them called Godshite Ale.  Brendan’s also features 11 different draught blends (mixing beers in your glass) like a Black and Tan and Half & Half.  They also bring in some SoCal beers with the Dark Flash, which is a Guinness and Green Flash IPA mixture.
  2. The French Bulldog Bistro and Lounge is located in Old Town at 2433 Ventura Boulevard.


A specialty store is any establishment that features a decent craft beer for retail or on premise enjoyment but focuses on some other food/drink item.

  1. The Wine Closet is located in Old Town at 2423 Ventura Boulevard.  Don’t let the name fool you; The Wine Closet has a very nice selection of craft beer towards the back of the store for on premise enjoyment.  This is a two for one place.  Your wino friends will be able to sample some great wine and you will still be able to enjoy some tasty craft beer.
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Learn more about author Curtis Taylor

Curtis Taylor

About the author

First and foremost, Curtis is a craft beer enthusiast. It all started 20 years ago when he took a small sip of an amber ale and he learned beer doesn’t have to taste like corn flavored, yellow fizzy water. Little did he know at that time, where that one little sip would lead him. Since then, Curtis has created beer-centric website to share his beer musings and food pairings, and has become a Certified Cicerone©. Curtis is now a beer correspondent for several other print/web publications and several local radio shows. To learn more about Curtis, visit his website


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One Comment

  1. We are very honored to have Curtis Taylor as part of the Totally Local VC team. You can also hear Curtis Saturday mornings on the 805 with Tom and Sandy show KVTA-AM1590. Want to know more about beer check out Curtis’s blog Hop Head Said

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